No One Writes to the Colonel, Marquez

This is a short novel about a retired Colonel and his wife living in poverty, who have been waiting to receive his pension for 15 years. Every Friday the Colonel goes hopefully to the post office to receive a letter with his pension, but, as the title of the book says, no one writes to him.

The couple have lost their son, who got shot while sharing anti-government information. They survive by selling his possessions one by one, and with some help from his friends.

The Colonel has two hopes. First to receive his pension, which he keeps hoping in, even though he has been let down in various ways since his army career 60 years ago, and secondly for his son’s rooster, who he is trying to find food to keep healthy until the fighting season comes, while his wife just wants to sell it to be able to feed themselves.

It’s sad to read the poverty and struggles of the couple, as well as the hopes of the Colonel, first in the government and secondly in chance, through his rooster. But they are doing the only thing they can do in their situation, and are let down by the government and broken promises.

In conclusion, it’s an interesting, if sad, story for a quick read.


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