Beauty and the Beast

A few quick thoughts on Beauty and the Beast (2017) starring Emma Watson.
This is an enjoyable movie but for me it has 3 weaknesses that make it a 3-star movie and prevent it being a 5-star movie.
First, the plot is very simple and the characters don’t have much depth. While this is not surprising, I had hoped this new version could add some more character. The main characters are fairly bland and show few aspects of their nature, and the only character with some interest is the villain, Gaston.
While a simple plot is fine given it is a children’s movie, it also feels like it may be unnecessarily scary for some children, where the same plot effect could have been achieved in a much gentler way.
Finally, while this movie is a musical and the songs are fun to listen to while watching it I don’t go home wanting to hear any of their performances again. This is partly due to the songs themselves not being particularly memorable, and also due to the performers not being particularly impressive singers.

4 comments on “Beauty and the Beast

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  2. Susie Vo
    April 19, 2017

    Hi Simon!

    I have the same opinions as yours about this movie. Before the date of its release, I was so excited and can’t wait to watch it. However, I was so disappointed about it. Some scenes I thinh that the acstress and actors did over a bit. I also think that this film is so simple and not interesting than its book.

    Have a nice day!


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  3. thunguyenphuoc
    April 22, 2017

    I haven’t seen the movie, mostly because didn’t want to. However, I have been bombarded with the trailers and all of the related interviews that are shared on my FB, so this opinion is based on what I know so far.

    Apart from me being not a fan of the acting of the Emma Watson, I was put off by all of these marketing about “feminism” in this movie. I find it quite shallow, superficial and nothing more than a PR stunt. It is a bit sad and lazy, to be honest.

    It is indeed a missed opportunity: this movie could have been something different and exciting, considering it has been a while between the Disney animation and this one. Much have been changed in terms of technology, society, and much more depth could be added to the plot of the movie. Instead, they end up with a mediocre remake, with over-the-top CG and visual effects.

    While this is definitely an average movie for the grown-ups (if it tries to), I am not sure if I even want my children or younger cousins to see this. Like you said I find it unnecessarily scary for children (maybe they try to make up for the simple plot?) I do not think it conveys any good lessons for the modern day society, and definitely, nothing about empowering young girls /feminism like it claims to be.

    PS: I found this blog through your wife’s blog so kudos for her promoting your entry 🙂


    • simon
      April 22, 2017

      Thanks for the comments. Agree about Emma Watson too, I don’t think it is a deep or interesting enough performance to have any positive impact.


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